KAPP and Himpari Papua in a joint press conference in Jayapura - Jubi/Hengky Yeimo

10,000 Papuan entrepreneurs will visit Governor Office


KAPP and Himpari Papua in a joint press conference in Jayapura – Jubi/Hengky Yeimo

Jayapura, Jubi – About 10,000 members of Papuan Traditional Business Chamber (KAPP) and Papuan Local Business Association, a joint venture of 15 business organizations, are planning to meet Papuan governor Lukas Enembe next Thursday (August 31).

They will ask the Governor to sign the Pergub’s technical guidelines for the implementation of Perdasus No. 18 on a community-based economy.

“This is the resurrection of the indigenous people of Papua,” said Chairman of KAPP, Merry Yoweni, to a number of media crew in a press conference held at the Head Office KAPP, Waena, Tuesday (August 22).

Merry Yoweni said entrepreneurs who will meet Governor Lukas Enembe varied from areca nut seller, mini-micro entrepreneur, and owner of CV and PT.


“Three percent of the special autonomy fund is given to indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs to help their business,” said Merry Yoweni.

Yoweni said that throughout this process, both KAPP and the indigenous Papuan businessmen associations have decided to unite to fight for the rights of indigenous Papuans under the umbrella of Republic of Indonesia to get their rights as citizens of Indonesia.

“So far we Papuans are very difficult to access capital to the banking sector so this move of partisanship can provide a situation to provide support to indigenous Papuans,” Yoweni said.

She also said that all this time Papua has been integrated to Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia there is no Papuan indigenous can be relied on in the business sector.

Meanwhile, the representatives of Indigenous Papuan Native Businesses Association (HIMPARI PAPUA), Frangky Mirino, said his institution has already got legal entities under the aegis of the Papuan KAP.

“We want to move forward and under the umbrella of KAPP we were formed to be able to move forward and build the economy,” he said.(*)

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