Speaker from Puskapol UI at the workshop (Jubi)


Speaker from Puskapol UI at the workshop (Jubi)

Speaker from Puskapol UI at the workshop (Jubi)

Jayapura, 24/3 (Jubi) – The Center for Political Studies at the University of Indonesia (Puskapol UI) will provide four-day leadership training for 100 Papuan women on in elections.

Puskapol researcher Ana Margaret said the women’s representation in the Election either in the Election Monitoring Board (Bawaslu) or the Election Commission in the central or local levels was very low.
“Our researches in the six provinces of Indonesia including Aceh, North Sumatera, Central Java, Maluku, Papua and West Papua indicated the similar situation which is women has rarely passed the selection because of 4 factors including the regulation, culture, geographical and knowledge about the election,” said Ana Margaret in the press conference held in Jayapura on Monday (24/3).

She further said based on research of Puskapol UI in Jayapura, women were enthusiastic to participate in the election but has no opportunity. “If talking about the Election, the point of attention is the women who were not involved in the political parties. The fact is there was still a minimum effort to increase the number of women to participate as the Election’s organizer. It also happened in Papua,” Ana Margaret said.

According to her, the leadership training from  from 24 – 27 March would be useful because both the Legislative and Presidential Elections will be held this year while the local elections will still be held in the coming years.
“Right now as other devices were established, the opportunity is still open for women to participate as observers and would be accredited by Bawaslu. It is possible to be unaccredited observers but those who are accredited and not involved in political parties for the last five years would be taken into account in the system,” she further said.


Meanwhile the Assistant Researcher of Puskopal UI, Julia Ikasarana said based on the Law on the Election Arrangement No 15/2011 about the representation of women in the election is 30 percent but ironically it was misinterpreted. The law enforcement was not able to encourage the participation of women in the election. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)

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