Bank Papua central office in Jayapura (Jubi)


Bank Papua central office in Jayapura (Jubi)

Bank Papua central office in Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura, 15/4 (Jubi) – Bank Papua is sending 100 indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs to participate in training in  Malang, East Java from 14 – 20 April.

General and Operational Director of PT. Bank Papua, Sharly A. Parrangan said the program is a part of the bank’s  commitment to improve the skills of indigenous entrepreneurs,  part of plans to produce 1,000 business people.
“Since 2013, Bank Papua has had a partnership with the Organization of Education and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises. This partnership will last until 2022.  The facilitation of 100 indigenous Papua entrepreneurs in the training program is the second time. Last year, Bank Papua facilitated 40 people,” Parrangan said on Tuesday (15/4).

She said at the end of the training, the entrepreneurs are expected to be able to improve their business and be role models to foster entrepreneurship in their neighborhoods.
“Bank Papua will also support those entrepreneurs through the provision of loans with various of credit schemes which are becoming the facility of grant channeling to communities in order to grease the economic wheels and to improve the welfare of the people of Papua,” she said.

She further said the 40 entrepreneurs who trained in the first cluster have succeeded to attract 220 saving customers, 75 loan customers and trained 25 of SME’s credit customers.
“In addition, Bank Papua is also committed to becoming a Bank of Foreign Exchange within this year. Its infrastructure has been set. Therefore we ask for the support and prayer from the local government, costumers, business partners and the community,” she said.


Earlier, in March, Bank Papua signed a memorandum of understanding with the LPMAK (Community Development Organization of Amungme and Komoro) to support  the customary institution.
“The signing of the MoU was a synergic initial step to support the programs of LPMAK which require banking financial services. Bank Papua provides proper services and is a partner for the people of Papua,” First Director of Bank Papua, Johan Kaviar said at the time of signing.

According to him, the MoU would be a reference for a long-term development program between Bank Papua and LPMAK for equal partnership.
“With the signing of the MoU, Bank Papua will serve all the requirements of LPMAK in terms of banking,” he said.  (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)

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