Merauke residents carrying firewood -

10 People in Kaptel District, Merauke, Has Leprosy

Merauke residents carrying firewood -

Merauke residents carrying firewood –

Merauke, Jubi – The head of Kaptel Health Center, Mariam Wangguway said 10 residents in two villages in Merauke suffered from leprosy and are being treated on a regular basis.

“It is true that about 10 people are suffering from leprosy. I’ve just served for a couple of months, so I do not know for sure when the disease began to spread, “she said to the Jubi on Wendesday (02/09/15)

According to her, besides adults, there are also children who are infected and most spreading through breathing. So that when the immune system is not strong, it will automatically attacked slowly. And leprosy infection starts to emerge in the next 5 years.
“I visited two of the village, and see directly their condition. We from health center routinely provide health care, especially medical aid that can be consumed on a regular basis, “she added.

Separately head of health department in Merauke, Stephen Osok added, health department always instruct the medical staff there to routinely give attention to some of the people who suffered from the disease.
“We also routinely distribute drugs every month to the clinic, as well as given to them,” he added. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)


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