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10 Fishermen Rescued, 2 Missing after Boat Fire

Ilustration - Suplied

Ilustration – Suplied

Sorong, Jubi – Ten fishermen were rescued and two others were still missing after their ship caught fire in Seget – Sailolo waters off Sorong, West Papua on Saturday (15/8/2015) at 01.00 am.

Based on police sector’s report, the Jasa Sahabat ship caught fire when crossing the territorial waters of Seget- Sailolo. Of the 12 fishermen, seven people managed to escape after swimming by using jerrycans on Sunday (16/8/2015) and saved by the employees of PT. Petrocina. While three other fishermen rescued by SAR team after conducted shoves along the seget waters up to Seleh waters. Total survivors until Monday (17/8/2015) are 10 fishermen and two other fishermen are still missing.

SAR operations section chief Karel Rony said Sar is still doing a search in the area around the ship where was first discovered.
“We are still in the field to continue to monitor,” he told Jubi on Monday (17/08/2015).

One of the survivors, Badrun, said initially they thought that the spark would be only briefly, but the flames began to swell. When it spread to the fuel dumps, fire enlarged and they found difficulties to extinguish. For safety reasons, he and his colleagues plunged into the sea.
“We think the fire has been extinguished. Suddenly out of a large fire in the ship. We then jumped into the sea, “he said.


The following 12 names crew survived and are still missing are Badrun ( 32),Hasrun ( 19), La Sarif (40) Amrin (25) La Ode Trislan (23), La dengko ( still missing),La Sarika (50), La Jaidi (21 ), Lafuri (25) La Pian (35) La Umi( 40/ still missing ) La Hadiah (still missing). (Niko MB)

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