10 Draft Regulations to be Discussed by Papua Legislative Council


Jayapura, Jubi – At least 10 Draft Regulations will be discussed by Papua Legislative Council this year. Deputy DPRP, Ruben Magai said.

He was speaking at at the discussion of budget Papua Fiscal Year 2016 at the end of 2015, legislative and executive in a non-budget plenary endorsed 19 draft regulations into regulation, 17 regulations are Perdasi and two are Perdasus.

“This year we plan to discuss more than 10 bylaw including the draft law on Local Political Parties, illegal logging and Population Control in Papua, “said Magai to Jubi on Thursday (07/01/2016).

According to him, Raperdasus on Local political parties has been discussed last year. Yet its ratification was delayed due to technical issues.

“In 2016 the regulation will ratified so that local political parties can join the upcoming 2019 election. They have the right to participate in the democratic process, “he said.


He added special regulation on illegal logging is needed to minimize illegal logging in Papua and timber theft must be disciplined. “It’s become our attention. We have conveyed to the Forest Service and Governor of Papua to immediately evaluate the permits that have been issued. This needs to be regulated, “he said.

Besides some Raperdasus, this year DPRP plans to discuss the draft special regulation regarding Papua local commodity sales, for example nut, cassava, sweet potato and others and this regulation will be completed and issued in 2016.

House speaker of DPRP, Yunus Wonda said, if perdasus is enacted, all local snacks should only be sold by Papuan people.

“Later, all local ingredients can only be sold by Papuans .For example nut and other native ingredients. This is to limit the spaces to anticipate free market. We hope that 2016 could be passed, “said Wonda in December. (Arjuna Pademme)

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